this is me.

my only comfort in life and death is my faithful Savior, Jesus Christ.  the authors of the Heidelberg Catechism got it right, and that’s what i’m trying to cling and hold to ever moment.

the way to my heart is through flowers and guacamole.  particularly, good homemade guacamole, tulips, and gerber daises.  boys, pay attention.

i hope that, when i’m fifty years old, i still love to listen to the avett brothers, and re-read Harry Potter and Narnia each year, and like a good cup of coffee, and appreciate the sunset and fireflies each evening.  this is who i am today, and i feel pretty comfortable with me.

i love my gamecocks, my friends, and my life.  it’s been a sweet and beautiful ride so far in this story, which is only a smaller part of a much Bigger Story.

and maybe this is a place for theology, and maybe it’s a place for reflection, and maybe it’s a place for some free therapy too (because words are like the balm of gilead sometimes for me), and maybe it’s a combination of all of these things.  and my journey, and an ebenezer, to mark the moments of God’s perfect faithfulness and steadfast love.


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