another birthday blog.

It’s hard to believe that twenty-eight years have come and almost gone. I feel like I was celebrating sixteen, and twenty-one, and even twenty-five just a few months ago. As I get older, time seems to slip by faster. But, I am also grateful that, even as time seems to slip by more quickly, I seem more comfortable in time. I spend less of my time rushing to the next thing or thinking about the next milestone in my life – partially because I have realized we don’t always know what is ahead. I feel more comfortable in my skin as an introvert, which is why I’ve allowed myself to sit on the couch all afternoon and catch up on Downton Abbey and read and listen to good music and drink good coffee and think.

So, what would the Amy who is twenty-eight but almost twenty-nine and more comfortable in her skin ask for this year? Since you asked…

universal, mandated usage of the oxford comma.
I feel like it should be a sin not to use it. There, I’ve said it. It’s my grammatical pet peeve.

new paleo cookbooks.
I’ve asked my mom for some this year, but I’m always looking for something new to cook and something different to try. I’ve had my eye on Juli Bauer’s new cookbook and on the Performance Paleo cookbook for a while…

new books in general.
But, if you’re asking for specifics – Wesley Hill’s Spiritual Friendship, Carolyn Custis James’s Half the Church, Sammy Rhodes’s This is Awkward, and Betsy Childs Howard’s forthcoming Seasons of Waiting are all on my “to read” list. Well, along with the other half shelf of books I have on my “to read” list. But I just love words. All of the words.

a trip to harry potter world.
I just want to go. so. bad. Also, perhaps a trip to London to make it really real.

I love prints of things I love. Harry Potter (see above, obviously – perhaps one goal should be to see how many times I can reference Harry Potter in one blog). I also fell in love with the quote from Ella’s mother in the new Cinderalla move – “Have courage and be kind.” What a beautiful statement.

I need the motivation to get up and run three/four days a week – which I have, but it just means getting up earlier since I go to work at 8am now. So, if you could gift me motivation, that would be awesome. And maybe one of those awesome running belts that are really fanny packs, but people call them running belts to make them sound more cool. (But really, they’re fanny packs).

a trip to a fancy restaurant.
By fancy, clearly, I mean under $20. You gotta remember that you’re talking to a girl who came from a place that considered dinner at Ryan’s followed by shopping at Wal-Mart a “Saturday night on the town.” I wish I was making that up. Maybe a trip to Taco Mama is more like it…

James Avery giftcards.
Because I’ve decided that, after a year, I should probably just get a new (smaller) ring instead of wearing (and continually losing) ring re-sizers. I love my ring. I want the same one…just in a smaller size.

clothing giftcards.
See above. Having stuff that fits has become a struggle – nothing to complain about, though! I could probably use some more work-out tank tops, too.

for my toenail to grow back before summer.
Please, please, please. Oh running woes…

A Stitchfix gift certificate.
I don’t think I would actually ever buy anything from it, but I’ve always been so intrigued by the idea of it…then again, I’m also the person who pays next to nothing for their clothes (sometimes even Target is overpriced for me!) but the idea of getting clothes sent and picked out to you interests me.

people and places.
Have you ever heard the song “Every Minute” by Sara Groves? There’s a line that always makes my heart happy and sad at the same time – “And I wish all the people I love the most could gather in one place, and know each other and love each other well.” Part of the joy and the sadness of calling multiple places home is that you leave your heart with lots of people in lots of places. Sometimes I wish it was easier to see the people we love – that we really could gather them all up in one place and celebrate together. I think that’s part of the hope of heaven – that we’ll be in a place that is home, with people who are home, and at home in Jesus. It’s not really a birthday wish as much as a hope and guarantee of what we trust is ahead for those who find home in Jesus.



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