the sixth anniversary of the obligatory birthday blog

This is the annual list of “things Amy wants for her birthday.” Some of them are always, well, jokes. And some of them are serious. And some of them are jokes, but if you really wanted to gift those to me for my birthday, that would be seriously awesome. But really, you don’t have to get me anything for my birthday – just your presence and friendship and the fact that you’re spending 92.7 seconds reading my blog is enough. But, if you insist…here are some ideas:

good music
I’ve been listening to a lot of Andrew Peterson on Spotify these days, but realized that I really don’t own a lot of his music, except for what he’s released on Noisetrade. I’d really love his newest album, “After All These Years” (and, or, really, any of his albums – I think the only one I have is “Light for the Lost Boy.”) Also, if you could make the Avett Brothers come to Birmingham or Tuscaloosa in 2015, that would be great.

peanut butter
A year’s worth of White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter from Peanut Butter & Company, to be exact.

good words
There are always a million books I am waiting to read. Perhaps that’s the joy of being finished with school, finally. Although working full-time keeps me from devouring books, I still have half a shelf of books I received in 2014 that I’m still intending to read….but that doesn’t mean it would bother me to add a few to the list. I’d love to check out Graham Cole’s He Who Gives Life: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Everybody needs a better understanding of the Holy Spirit – and, well, why not support my seminary professor and neighbor? I’m also waiting with anticipation to read Carolyn Custis James’s new book, Half the Church: Reclaiming God’s Global Vision for Women, so pre-orders are always appreciated.

a fancy stamper sealer thing (so I can keep up with my good words)
I’ve always wanted a fancy book stamp – the kind that’s like a seal. Or an address stamp. Or really any kind of stamp in general.

taco mama
Specifically, what I want is for taco mama to be open on Sundays, so that I never have to decide where to eat on Sundays ever again.

an invention to keep bananas green
Because I hate bananas that are yellow. And I really hate it when they have brown spots.

a trip somewhere fun
Perhaps to England. Or, to New England. Or, to Harry Potter World, where I can pretend to be English. Or, you could just give me Harry Potter related things, although I do already own all of the books…and the movies…and a glass from Hogwarts. But, I don’t have a Harry Potter coffee mug!

running sorts of things
One day I became a runner, apparently. Or maybe a jogger. That’s probably a better word for it. Anyways – things one uses while running would be helpful – such as, water bottles that you can hold while you’re running…I mean, jogging (the fancy ones with a strap on them), or armband cases that would actually fit a phone with a LifeProof case, or headbands, or music (see above), or maybe just a cheering section for me when…if…I attempt to run a 10k on my birthday.

a new mirror
I’ve been wanting a new mirror for my bedroom for, well, a long time. I like wooden mirrors, and silver mirrors, and gold mirrors (which probably fits better with my room, anyways), and vintage looking mirrors, and antique mirrors…pretty much, you get idea.

a paleo birthday cake
I started eating paleo a while back. Well, actually, last summer. I relapsed in the fall but have been back on track and doing pretty well since the new year begin. I just feel better without all the carbs (I do have some dairy now and then). It does come to my attention, however, that this could make the whole birthday cake thing a little difficult this year, so if you’d like to find a way to get me an awesome paleo birthday cake that doesn’t taste terrible, that’d be awesome. I really like hummingbird cakes, and one of my favorite paleo bloggers has a recipe for one (hint, hint…) –

snow Last year, there were two good snows in Birmingham. Except one of them happened to close down the entire city and strand almost everyone at their workplaces, at random peoples’ homes, in their cars…so this year, I’d like one good, pretty snow. Enough snow to not have to go to work. But not enough snow to disrupt everyone’s lives, to where I could play in the snow and make snow angels…and then it would be gone the next day. I don’t think gifts of “Snow in a Can” will count for this one, but kudos for the creativity!

for the Gamecocks’ football defense to remarkably improve in the fall
This is probably self-explanatory.

quality time
Really, for my birthday, the best gift is to be with people I love. Perhaps on a trip, or eating at Taco Mama, or watching Harry Potter. Or while jogging. Or while eating green bananas or paleo Hummingbird Cake. But really, that’s what I want!

I hope you all know that this blog is totally for laughs. But, if you happen to have some of the gifts just sitting around your house (like a Harry Potter mug), just send them on my way, via owl, of course. Although, you might want to coordinate who sends which gift, because I probably don’t need 28 Harry Potter mugs. I mean…really 🙂


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