for when my best friend is getting married.

over the last five years (the length of time i’ve had this blog), i’ve written a lot of things. once a year, i’ve written an annual birthday post for my best friend, misti bailey. usually it’s a post of ridiculous things i would give her, most of which were out of my control or capability to give away (unless, of course, i end up marrying prince harry and one day become a royal person. then i could do pretty much whatever i want. but, that’s another story and another hope for another day. i have always wanted to be british, though.) 

i usually write a birthday post to misti because we have almost the same birthday (except that she’s a year younger than me, because she was a smarty pants when she was younger, and i was probably off in a corner somewhere, eating my hair and playing in glue. not much has changed there, eh?). this post is a little different, though. it’s the last post i’ll ever write to my friend misti bailey, because on saturday, she’ll have a new last name. 

crazy, right? 

so on the eve of the eve of her wedding (which, in terms of a Christmas holiday, would be Christmas Adam, so, Wedding Adam, shall we say?), there are so many thoughts and memories and feelings i could share. i could reminisce about all the stupid things we’ve done individually and corporately in our friendship. i could relieve all of the dumb boys we once liked and how trivial those crushes probably were. i could write about our habit of exchanging attack-hugs when we see each other, or about the poop stories we like to share, or about the time that we went to boston, or about those times we sent John Calvin quotes to each other. 

but, that’s not really the time or the place to write about those things. so what i would like to say instead is that my heart is happy for my friend. that she is lovely. that she will be a beautiful bride. and that she will be a wonderful wife. that i am so grateful for a friend who has pointed me to Christ in the depths of my despair. for a friend who met me at a Dunkin Donuts on Forest Drive in Forest Acres after i  had the hardest conversation i’ve ever had in my life, and who showed no judgment as i feared and cried and mourned. who has helped me see Christ’s redeeming love for me in my worst moments, and who has believed in me, even when i didn’t. 

misti bailey is going to be a fantastic wife, as misti bailey ellis, and (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise) a fantastic mom one day. and i know this, not just because she is a fantastic friend, but because she loves the Lord and his church wholeheartedly and is devoted to him. 

so i’m excited to get to see my friend walk down the aisle on saturday. i’m excited to get to meet the man who is becoming her husband. i hope he knows what a gift he’s receiving. 

i’m so grateful for you, friend. love. always. 




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