twenty-five gifts for 25.

today, my best friend turns 25.

i’d write her a haiku–but i’m terrible at counting syllables.

so this year (since this is one of multiple ‘misti-mas’ blog posts!) i figured i’d let her–and the world–know all the amazing things i could get here if money…or rules…or gravity…weren’t options.

25. a job in birmingham, so we could live in the same city.

24. a boy who would ask her out in person, instead of texting it or writing it on a piece of paper or sending it in a Facebook message.

23. a lifetime supply of pinkberry.

22. another trip to senegal and a tutor to re-teach wolof.

21. a chance to interview j.k. rowling.

20. the ability to finally out-cycle all the old men in her spin class.

19. obedience lessons for lucy, so she’ll stop eating, well, things that aren’t meant for dogs to eat.  or, well, anyone, really.

18. more dresses with pockets.  because you can never have enough of those!

17. a contract to write a book.

16. a chance to be on the bachelorette.

15. her own personal assistant at the babdican.

14. also, maybe a timeturner for those moments when she needs a little extra time at work.

13. also, maybe nerf guns for the babdican.  just in case.

12. if i was as creative as she was, i’d write a book for her.  but, that book’s already been written.  and, it was good.

11. a justin bieber toothbrush.

10. ducks. maybe a real one.

09. the ability to get samoas whenever she wants, period.  even when they aren’t being sold by girl scouts.

08. a black light for future dance parties.

07. ribs, banana pudding, and bread and barbecue sauce from dreamland.

06. a day with the kardashians.

05. a crown for being the grammar queen.  or, maybe just a crown in general.  everyone needs a crown, right?

04. a starbucks gift card that never runs out.  ever.

03. cheesecake from nonnah’s to celebrate mistimes.

02. the ability to have her own, nationally-recognized holiday, the aforementioned mistimas.  and by holiday, i know she’s thinking more like a week.

01. a good way to say thank you for being my best friend.  for laughing with me, and sometimes at me.  for crying with me, and telling me to suck it up when i need to suck it up.  for caring, and quotes, and cards, and friendship, and encouragement, and truth.  and always, for giving me the bottom bunk on that fall retreat.  because i’m so glad we met.

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