the obligatory “weird things i want for my birthday” blog

i’ve posted a blog like this for the past four years, so even though i’m having a hard time thinking of unique presents for my birthday, i’m going to give it a shot, because it feels a little bit like tradition.  most of these presents are ludicrous, and impossible to be given in gift form, but i thought i’d pass them along anyway, at least for a laugh 🙂

for the tuckers to move to birmingham, with their baby, so i can be aunt amy.  somehow, i feel like this one isn’t going to happen, but surely someone could try to convince them, right.

tickets to see (and company to go with) the avett brothers sometime in the next year. because i’ve liked them for entirely too long NOT to go and see them in concert.

john baillie’s a diary of private prayer.  i’ve read SO many prayers from this amazing work, but i have yet to actually own a copy.  it could be a used copy.  i kind of like used copies of books more than new ones, anyways.  and don’t even get me started on how i feel about e-books, kindles, nooks, e-readers…but, to each his own.

a fish.  melissa said we couldn’t get a cat.  she said if we got one cat, we’d just head down the road of being the people with too many cats.  we’re never home long enough to take care of a dog.  but i’d like a pet.  maybe a fish.  or, well, maybe not, actually.

a real job in may.  or, maybe, before.  something in the nonprofit or Christian writing world.  let me know if you have any good leads.  or if you just want to hire me tomorrow.  that’d be fine, too

a new bookshelf.  because, well, mine is full.  and it was probably one of the best birthday presents i’ve ever received, in my whole life.  what a good gift.  maybe this one could be painted garnet.  i feel pretty good about color, you know.

funfetti cake.  this is always, always, always self-explanatory.

a sunny day in birmingham where mary and i can go to the taco truck.  because we’ve been trying to do this since last May, and our plans keep being thwarted by the cold and rain.

a shooting star-gazing opportunity.  because in all twenty-five years of my life, i’ve never seen one.  yes, i grew up in the middle of nowhere.  yes, i spent plenty of time on the blue ridge parkway.  i don’t know how this has happened, either.

new running shoes.  because the nikes are starting to fall apart.  i just love them so much…

something happy, something homemade, something in the mail.  i just really love to get mail.  and packages.  and small gifts.  and silly reminders of friendship.

for bath and body works to start making my favorite car portable smell again.  it’s called caribbean salsa.  and in the words of anna smith, it smells like gummi worms.  and, she’s right.

for friends to come visit.  for my birthday or for the summer, or for forever.  and i’m looking forward to hopefully a visit from my favorite friend from India…yay for E!

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