the everyday kind of normal, that really isn’t normal at all.

there’s something beautiful and tragic and mysterious and familiar and good…about the mundane.  about every day life.  waking up, and putting on clothes, and going to work, or school, or both.  coming home, and making dinner, and loading the dishwasher.  having friends over for dinner, or eating alone, or trying a new restaurant with a roommate.  watching an episode of gilmore girls each night and reading a chapter from harry potter and the jesus storybook bible each night before bed.

i used to live life looking forward to “the big things.” toward the next coolest outing, or adventure, or whatever.  anticipating college, and graduate school, and one day dating and maybe marriage and maybe having kids, and maybe having an adult job.

i still look forward to some of the these things. i still anticipate them. but i’m reminded over and over again that life is not lived in the big moments, but in the small, every day, seemingly insignificant ones.  most of the imprints i have of friendships here aren’t from grand vacations we took, glamorous places we served, or cool things we did together–they’re of sitting on someone’s couch, in their home, while wearing sweatpants and drinking coffee, and talking about life, while kids run around the house and we fold laundry and laugh and cry and talk about everything and nothing all at once.  of having a friend over and making dinner and talking about each others’ days.

this, the everyday, is where relationships are made and formed and cherished.  where friends become family.  where i am reminded, over and over again, that my life as a follower of Christ is not necessarily glamorous or full of accolades…but it is nonetheless sweet.  and in the everyday, in the seemingly mundane–that’s when God works, and life changes, and sometimes we can’t even see it, because we’re looking for the big things, the big events, those picture-perfect moments.

for now, i’ll sit in my sweatpants, and wear my glasses and an old t-shirt, and laugh as you tell jokes, and look outside at the clouds, and be thankful for each moment that is made, in today.  in the most normal of days.


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