tonight i laughed and cried with a friend on the phone, while i sat on the porch and watched the sun set on Birmingham.

it strikes me that i am abundantly blessed with friendships–even in conversations today with my old roommate, friends from USC, friends from camp.  it is as if i can start on the same page we finished on, despite the distance and miles and time separating our relationships.

if that wasn’t enough, i’m blessed with friends who help, who serve.  who move my stuff into a new house, who drive, who take me into their homes and let me stay while i’m unpacking, who make me laugh, who laugh at me when i say ridiculous things, and who are simply….here.  and present.

i sat and watched the sunset, and i talked to my friend, and had sweet time with roommates, and just remembered what i sometimes forget–that i am so blessed.  that God is so good.  and that sometimes–that is simply…enough.


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