i’ve lived in Charleston for the past three summers of my life.  i’ve unpacked into a dorm, used the exact same bathroom, eaten at many of the same restaurants, served at and visited the same sites, worshipped in the same auditorium, walked church groups to the same classrooms, and loved on the same city for three summers.  that’s consistency.  

i don’t believe God made a mistake in placing me in Charleston for a third summer. i was hesitant about serving. i wasn’t excited about it, necessarily.  but i know the Lord’s hand was obviously in me being placed there, and that he is good.  i know that he called me to that city, and that staff, and looking back, i can see that he is truly sovereign.  i had an amazing summer, worked with incredible people, and was given another chance to love on a city that has my heart. 

sometimes i need a reminder of that. i need a reminder, i need to remember, i need to recall…that God is so good.  that he loves me.  that he has the best in mind for me–and that sometimes the best isn’t what i would picture as “my best.”  sometimes it’s not that i would want.  often it’s not what i would plan.  usually it’s not what i would pick.  but always, always, always it works out.  not because the Lord wants to spare me from heartache and despair and chiseling and etching and renewing and strife.  because the Lord wants to make the gospel known through my life, and he will do it even in difficulty, in sadness, in despair, in pain.  that he is making beautiful things out of the dust of my life, and will continue to work and move and mend and break and rend until what is left is him…in me.


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