little blessings.

sometimes the days at camp are long, and they seem like they’ll never end.  and yet i know the summer will fly by and be gone before i know it, and i’ll be heading back to life in Birmingham.  the past few weeks have been full of little blessings.  here are a few of them:

encouraging notes from friends–both at camp, and from near and far. i love stamps, cards, mail, letters, and all of the above.

jokes. lots of jokes. people to make me laugh, until i’m crying.

air conditioning.  on days like today, when it’s so hot i feel like i could cook bacon outside, i love air conditioning and thermostats.

guacamole and avocados. those two ingredients, on anything and everything, make my life pretty fantastic.

clean sheets, clean blankets, and the smell of Snuggle dryer sheets.  along with the smell of pink chiffon.

favorite Scripture passages and reminders of the Lord’s faithfulness.

friends who are just there–to pray, to send me encouraging text messages, to make me laugh, to help remind me to have perspective.

the perfect sunset on the way to folly beach and a night of walking and talking and sharing with my staff.

encouraging adults who go above and beyond to love on staff.

yes, the days are hard. the days are long. often, the days are tough. but God is so good.  he is so faithful.  i am so blessed.

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