merry misti-mas!

misti bailey turns 24 today, and it’s misti-mas! in case you didn’t know, her birthday is a celebration week…sometimes, celebration month. so, in celebration of the twenty-fourth anniversary of her birth, i’d like to give the world–and misti–a list of twenty-four reasons i’m especially grateful for her friendship.

24. she has good taste in music and literature. i like that she can recommend a book to me, and chances are, i’ll like it.

23. she’s a fabulous writer and does a wonderful job putting her thoughts into words–something i admire. check out her blog sometime.

22. she was one of my right-hand women when i was BCM president and helped make my senior year at USC fantastic.

21. we once applied for the same job without knowing it and worked together for a whole year–just the hilarity of the story is pretty good.

20. you have to have a few people in life that you can say anything to, and there’s no judgment. she’s one of them for me.

19. that being said, you also have to have a few people in life who will be brutally honest with you. and she’s also one of them for me. and even when her words are painful, they are true, and i appreciate that.

18. she’s a hipster. i wish i was as cool as her. unfortunately, i have more of the nerd factor going on.

17. she’s not afraid to do something ridiculous.

16. she’s one of the bravest people i know.

15. sometimes she sends me the most bizarre text messages.  and calls me the oddest names, including ex-lax.

14. she’s coming to visit me and i’ll see her in less than a day!

13. our birthdays are in the same week, so therefore there’s reason to celebrate together. hence #14, among other reasons for coming.

12. she is a woman after God’s own heart and is constantly seeking to glorify Him and share his name.

11. she has a passion for missions and the gospel that i absolutely envy sometimes.

10. she has some of the best life stories i’ve ever heard, especially from her summers in Africa and Asia.

9. in case you haven’t heard, we’re writing a book together. or maybe just chapters to the book, because the book itself might be too incriminating and need to be published anonymously.

8. she sticks her foot in her mouth sometimes, which makes me smile. and gives us lots of laughs later.

7. she sends me real mail and spurs me on in my walk with Christ with prayers and super legit quotes. i don’t have a lot of friends who read Calvin and send me quotes by him. she’s one of them.

6. she’s comfortable with who she is, and who God has called her to be, and doesn’t feel the need to fit into a certain mold or conform to a certain image.

5. she lets me crash on her couch, use her shower, and take advantage of her laundry facilities when i’m in columbia.

4. we’ve experienced some of the best moments together. like someone asking us if nepal was a resort country. and realizing we were having the exact same dreams at one point in our friendship.

3. she celebrates her birthday like it’s nobody’s business.

2. she’s not afraid to tell me, “i told you so,” and has done so at lots of moments in our friendship.

1. my sophomore year of college, she gave up the last bottom bunk for me to sleep on, even though she hates top bunks. that’s when we met. i’m blessed as a friend.


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