living different lives.

do you ever feel like you have multiple lives? tonight i talked to my dear friend anna harper tucker. it’s been months since we chatted, and yet it felt like i had just seen her yesterday. it caused me to remember the great and wonderful and beautiful and hard and imperfect and grace-filled life i lived in columbia.

sometimes i forget that i’ve lived in so many different worlds.  that i grew up in such a small town and had the true middle-of-nowhere teenage experience; it’s not that those times weren’t good (though some were terrible), but more so that i just forget sometimes, in the busy-ness of life here.

and it’s not as if i don’t remember that i was a gamecock for four years (and i don’t let people here forget it, either), but sometimes i forget about all of the good times–and the hard times, for that.  there’s so much that happened, and so many stories to tell, and so many things experienced.

and then i think about life here. and the in’s and out’s of my everyday routine. about my job, and the twins, and church, and school. i wonder if, in ten or fifteen years, it will be kind of a shadow too. or if i will still be here, with these people, living this life. it makes me a little sad that life is so fluid and so changing.  but also thankful…that life is so fluid and so changing. and that God is so good.  and that he allows these beautiful and difficult and even terrible things. that he brings change. even i don’t always like to thank him for it.

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