thoughts on a tuesday night.

if all i had to do was sleep, i’d love the rain. i wish the rain would wait to come until thursday and friday, when i’ll be cooped up at home, in the bed, post-oral surgery.  instead, it’s here now…and it just makes me want to sleep.

ice cream gives me a tummy ache every time i eat it, but it’s so good. it’s such a hard decision–do i want to be sick but enjoy mayfield strawberry cheesecake ice cream, or do i want to sleep and not be in pain? hard decision.

the first line of “learning to love again” by mat kearney reminds me of myself: “your poker face ain’t fooling nobody, nobody here,” because i don’t have a poker face to fool anyway.  full disclosure on this face, always, unfortunately.

i love both of my jobs. i love my community in birmingham. and i love the trees here, and the mountainous hills.

one of my favorite feelings in the world is waking up rested and seeing you still have a few hours to sleep. so so good.

i want to go back to boston again, soon.

i’m ready to be done with school, but when graduation rolls around in a year and a half….i’m really going to miss beeson, and my community there.  thankful for it beyond words.

anytime “my heart’s a stereo” comes on the radio, i have to dance–there’s just nothing around it and no other way to behave.

i’m ready to read some good books over the next two months. c.s. lewis, yes, re-united, finally.

i love pajama bottoms and sweatpants.


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