at this moment…

i love eating cereal every night before i go to bed. while reading a good book, curled up in my t-shirt quilt. there’s something about soggy captain crunch and crunchberries, and harry potter, and psalms, that make for a wonderful nightly ritual.

i’m a really big fan of anything that smells sweet. i’m not the biggest fan of sweets themselves…but my wallflower is currently of the homemade cookies variety, my car air freshener is apple crumble, and i have this fantastic vanilla cupcake candle that i like to burn while i’m doing hebrew. it makes something completely unpleasant…a little less unpleasant.

i wish i could apparate.  i hate to drive long distances. and i have so many people i love, that are in so many different areas of the united states. and even world. if i could just apparate and see them, i feel like my life would be even more incredible than it already is.

i’m loving this yellow bookshelf that mary and i rescued at a moving sale, and wayne helped me paint, and i’m using for my school books this semester. it’s cute, and legit, and perfect.

my favorite smell is warm vanilla sugar. in the summer, i love this stuff by the gap called island hop. and i used the last of it this summer at camp. it smells like pineapple, but better. and it’s discontinued. poooooop.

i go through weird food craving phases. but right now, everything i’m craving is in charleston. kickin’ chicken. seasons of japan. kickin’ chicken’s special sauce.  did i mention kickin’ chicken? oh man…

i love to write letters and cards and send them. i just wish i was more intentional about it.

i have pictures for a new album on facebook, but i don’t have an album title yet, since i always use lyrics for my album titles and haven’t been inspired to use any lately.

there are some things about my job that i miss a lot: the people, namely, my staffers. spending quality time with them, even if it was at health first.  hearing about life change and intentional ministry each week. visiting sites. visiting the coastal center…always.  good food (as mentioned before in said blog).  living in community. inside jokes.  romance now.  dressing up to go out to eat.  laughing with people about the dumb things i say…pinealope, anyone?

and there are some things that i don’t necessarily miss: setting up for the coffee fellowship…and cleaning up, and coffee grounds. ick.  the camp phone.  together and separates.  sickness.  dealing with conflict.  lack of sleep.  but…i would say the good outweighs the bad, 97% of the time.

i’m learning that i’m more emotional than i thought. and take things more personally than i ever imagined. and maybe had a complex of pleasing people (which i probably already knew…), and all of these things are some semi-issues that need to be addressed in my heart.  and i’m thankful for people who are honest enough to point them out.

i love love love lamentations 3 right now. so good. one of my favorite passages–so convicting, so encouraging, and just so true.

i washed all of my bedding this week in snuggle fabric softener, and i’m in heaven. so wonderful.

i’m currently more and more convinced that i have no idea where i’ll end up in life…and that’s a good thing. that the Lord is in control. and that i’m not. which is also a good thing. and that God will use whatever means necessary to make the gospel known in my life. including triumphs and pain.

i’m so aware of the greatness of my life in birmingham. how the Lord constantly provides. how i’m given so much more than i’ll ever give. how good He is, and how unworthy i am.  how he makes things that are broken, new and beautiful.




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