wake on up from your slumber.

i’ve been in birmingham for five days. and birmingham has been very, very good to me.

moving into a new house, with green walls and hardwood floors, and great friends to help move things…

hanging out with blake in anderson, and seeing his city, and getting to see my camp best friend…

spending quality time with the splawns and playing patty-cake today with webb while visiting the elc, as he said, “again!” each time we finished…

being back at church, with the body of believers i’ve grown to love as family…

chilling out with the guys and gals in the youth group, playing laser tag and chatting over chic-fil-a and hearing about their summers and getting excited about their transitions to junior high/high school/college…

seeing old roommates and old friends in random places, and seeing babies that have grown into toddlers, and toddlers who have grown into preschoolers, and hearing frances call me “my amy!” again…

i have to be honest and say that these past five days have gone so smoothly. it’s been the first time that i’ve come from the carolinas back to birmingham and not been “in a funk.”  it’s the first time that i’ve made the transition without crying. really, it’s the first time that i’ve been thrilled to be back. and i am. it feels like home, all over again.  i knew there would be lots of changes-and i’m not the best with changes.  i was dreading coming back, in a way, because i didn’t want to face the new.

i heard needtobreathe’s new song, “slumber” a few weeks ago, and the lyrics have stuck with me:

glory’s waiting outside your windows.
wake on up from your slumber, baby open up your eyes.

hearts are stronger after broken. 
wake on up from your slumber, baby open up your eyes. 

all these victims stand in line for, 
crumbs that fall from the table just enough to get by, 
all the while your invitation. 
wake on up from your slumber, baby open up your eyes. 

sing like we used to,
dance when you want to,
taste for the breakthrough open wide.

come on, sing like we used to,
and dance like you want to.
come on darlin’ open your eyes.
i wanna sing like we used to.
i wanna dance like we want to.
come on darlin’ open up your eyes.

instead of focusing on what’s different, and difficult, and changed…why not focused on what’s here?  and God’s goodness? and how He is in control of all things and holds all things together? and be a little less emotional, and a little less sensitive, and feel a little less like the entire world is on my shoulders, and take things a little less personally?  this will obviously take time, but i want to LIVE and LOVE every minute of this life, even the ones that are hard, and at the end of the day…

i wanna sing like i used to, 

i wanna dance like i used to,

i want to wake on up from my slumber, and open up my eyes. 

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