looking ahead, not back.

things i’m anticipating in birmingham:

i’m really excited about moving into a house. i’ve wanted to live in a house for a while, as opposed to an apartment or dorm or anything else like that. i’m excited to live with callie and get to know her better. i’m excited to live with paula. i’m just excited in general for good community and conversation and a basement and decks and a mailbox. i might be most excited about the mailbox, to be honest.

i can’t wait to be back at my church. i loved getting to worship alongside my staff each week, and going to  journey church with jaime and drew and others on the weekends.  but…i’ve missed mountain brook a lot. i’ve missed our youth. and our young adults. and my small group. and my friends.  i’m excited to be back and to be a part of the ministry there in a new way.

i’m anticipating seeing anna and ben, and how much they’ve grown. it’s crazy that i began nannying for them when they were itty-bitty six week old infants, and now they are almost nine months old and getting ready to crawl and be mobile. i’ve missed singing hymns with them, and dancing with them, and changing their poopy diapers, and making ben laugh and watching anna get completely tickled over nothing at all.

…and then there’s my birmingham family. and i can’t quite tell you, in words, how excited i am to see them.  it’s beyond me, haha. friday is going to be a good day 🙂


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