the Lord is faithful.

over the last year, this has become a sort of mantra of mine. it’s the thought that i cling to each morning, and what i try to remember each night while heartache and longing and loneliness ebb in the wake of my dreams.  even when i am not faithful…the Lord is forever trustworthy.

today i browsed through old pictures of a life i used to know.  it was a good life.  i had dinner with dear friends from undergrad, and i was reminded of the goodness and simplicity and beauty of those days [though they seemed nothing but complex at the time…]

the Lord was so true and so faithful to me in the four years i was in columbia. he provided in so many ways–through giving, and relationships, and outlets for ministry…teaching, and changing, and showing me how to be a more faithful follower and making me more like himself, even in the midst of the pain.

his track record is sure. his word is trustworthy. and his promise is secure. the future will not be without pain. the present is not without heartache. but surely the same God i serve this summer in Charleston, and the same God who walked before me in Columbia, is even now ordaining my footsteps in Birmingham and providing…even if there’s pain along the way.


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