lessons well learned.

every school year ends with my being a little more intelligent and well-learned. unfortunately, it’s not always in academic areas.  here are a few things i’ve learned in the past school year, and year in birmingham:

  • most things never turn out like i think they will, and that’s probably a good thing.
  • i actually like hebrew, and if i study it, i actually enjoy it. who would have thought, huh?
  • i absolutely love my job and working with kids. there’s nothing like it, and i’m already excited to be back and see my kiddos in the fall.
  • i really love the avett brothers and mumford and sons. a lot.
  • i also love birmingham, a lot. and i’m glad i didn’t move to new orleans.
  • i waste way too much time doing random things, not being an effective time manager, and procrastinating.
  • i love finish quantum dishwasher tabs, and will pay the extra money for them every time, because they are amazing and clean dishes so, so well.
  • i love my family, but i can’t ever see myself moving back home, or even to western north carolina. i also love columbia, but i can’t see myself living there either.
  • sometimes people can change–or at least, your feelings and the way that you saw them for forever can change completely. in good and bad ways, i guess.
  • i can now pick out paint and paint a bookshelf, thanks to the splawns.
  • i can also make coffee at the church, but it probably wouldn’t taste very well. and i can clean the gym floor, which is actually a lot of fun and satisfying.
  • i’m not very good at saying goodbyes, or hiding my feelings, especially not from people who know me well.
  • i’m also not good at abstaining from the temptation of desserts and cake and sweets while hundreds of miles away from mary splawn. yikes!
  • i had a nasty stomach virus and pedialyte became my savior–i’ll use it from now on in the event of stomach woes…thanks jed!
  • i hate living in the state of the national championship football team–whether auburn or alabama. please, if someone–anyone–else could win it this year…that would be great.
  • i have some of the most incredible friends, near and far. and good friends age with time, and the friendships become even more of a blessing to me.
  • i really like cherry sprite from sonic.
  • i loved my class on luke this semester and learned a lot about the jesus seminars, and the historical jesus, and i feel like some of those thoughts will stay with me for quite a while…so that’s the token school education from the spring 🙂

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