i’m only seeing half the picture.

this past week, i put together a puzzle. i didn’t do it for fun.

our theme for this summer at camp is connect, and for some reason, i thought putting together a puzzle seemed like a brilliant idea.

fact: i am not very good at puzzles.

further fact: last week i had to finish classes, pack up all my stuff, move everything, and say goodbye to birmingham…along with finish this puzzle.

i had a difficult time putting together the puzzle i bought, probably because i’m just not very good at that. and because i’m not very patient. and because i lose things. but i was diligent, and after two days of work, put together my puzzle that i’m using for my door nametags for our dorm rooms at camp.

and putting together a puzzle is a little bit like living life. there were lots of pieces that i really and truly thought went together…and they didn’t. i would see their similiarity, get really excited, and then try to put them together to no avail. and, then there were other pieces which i thought i would never go together, that ended up fitting quite perfectly.

i’m kind of at this place in life where i’m not sure how things fit together. and maybe the way that i thought they would fit together is a little bit off. maybe i was wrong.

but at the same time, i’m encouraged, because i do know that somehow the pieces fit together. maybe it’s just not something i understand, or see, on this side of things. maybe it’s about waiting, and being patient, and taking deep breaths and breathing in the moments that don’t make sense…because at the end of the day, i’m NOT God.

at the end of the day, i’m not in control.

and at the end of the day, as daily planet so wisely sings, “i’m only seeing half the picture–for the other half i’ll trust.”


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