come awake, come awake.

since i started seminary, easter’s become one of my favorite holidays. maybe it’s because we take lent more seriously at beeson. maybe it’s because birmingham is beautiful in the spring. but mostly, i think it’s because i can finally see the bigger picture, and step away from the narratives and exhortations and prophecies and verses to see the Bible as a whole…and that easter–the crucifixion, and the resurrection–was the goal all along. it was God’s redemptive plan, to make a new covenant with his people and to write his law on their hearts…and Jesus was the lamb slain before the foundation of the world.  isn’t that unreal to think about?!  it’s mind boggling.  the cross wasn’t some second-resort plan, after humans failed in the garden of Eden.  somehow, all along, history was moving, climaxing, up to the point where a perfect man, and indeed…God, would humble himself and pour out his blood for us, so that we could have hope and be made new, reconciled to our creator.

maybe i also like easter because it’s a beautiful picture of the tension in which we live. even though Christ has died and is risen, pain still exists. suffering still takes place. things happen in life that, honestly, i just don’t want to happen.  people face hardship and famine and death and loss, and a million other ailments.  but the good news, the hope, is that we who believe in Christ and count it all joy to follow him will be raised. that there is a place where all of these imperfections will pass away, and as sally lloyd jones says, “everything that was sad will become untrue.”  where sin will be no more.  where hell will be defeated, and we will no longer feel the sting of death.

it puts a lot of things in perspective, right?  that the sadness and loss we feel today are fleeting, and short-lived, and like vapors in the light of eternity spent with the Savior, where all those things will be no more.  at least, it does for me.

christ is risen from the dead, 

trampling over death by death.

come awake, come awake

come and rise up from the grave!


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