no shadow of turning with Thee.

today, i got to hang out with the twins.  anna and ben are two of the lights of my life, and probably my second favorite children in the world (of course, we all know who gets the first prize…) and today was  a wonderful, calm, sweet kind of day. we had our bottles and played and took some fun pictures (because right now, ben’s in this really cute spiky hair stage, so i wanted to document that for all time for his mom), and then it was time to nap.  usually, i put them right to sleep in their cribs or in a pack and play, and they’re pretty good at falling asleep on their own (because sometimes, when you’re a twin, you learn to be pretty easy going and patient since there are two babies instead of just one…)

instead, today, i put them each in their sleep sacks and spent some quality time with them before i put them down. anna and i went into the guest bedroom and danced and i sang “when the stars go blue” (by tyler hilton…not tim mcgraw. traisha and i made fun of that version a lot when we lived together), and then put her down.  i went in and put ben in his blue sleep sack, and then we rocked in the nursery.  when i rock with babies, i really like to sing hymns. maybe it’s the SBC in me, or the NC backwoods girl in me, or whatever–but those are what come to mind and are comforting.  today, for some reason, i had the hymn “great is thy faithfulness” on my mind, and so i sang that softly as we cuddled.

it’s a neat song to think about, that one. that God’s faithfulness is great.  that He never changes–there really is no shadowing of turning within Him.  that His peace is one that endures, past the securities that we think we have in the world, as we stand on ground that’s all but shaking.  it’s a reminder that i needed today. in so many ways, my world is changing–a bit more quickly than i’d like. isn’t it nice to know that God is in control? that He is faithful?  that He is the same today, tomorrow, and forever, and takes care of His children even in the midst of the chaos of life?

great is Thy faithfulness!

great is Thy faithfulness!

morning by morning, new mercies i see

all i have needed, thy hand hath provided

great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!

[to0 bad that it’s much easier for your head to “get this,” and much more difficult for the emotional, wayward, hypersensitive heart of a girl to “get it!”]


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