things that make me laugh out loud.

so i know i’m supposed to be a grad student and studious and all of that, but can i just tell you…i’m not?  there are so many moments that i am completely un-serious and silly and reminiscent of a two-year old. i like to laugh. tonight, i don’t necessarily feel like laughing…but, thinking about things that make me laugh out loud…they at least put a smile on my face 🙂

  • my favorite youtube video in the entire world is probably bon qui qui at king burger. i know, it’s old. i know, there’s double rainbow and whatever else you can find today on the internet, not to mention rebecca black. but, honestly, can anyone say, “i will cut you!” like bon qui qui and make me laugh until i have to go to the bathroom? no, they cannot.
  • sometimes in Hebrew, christy averill and i just get silly and ridiculous. last week, she brought craisins and they ignited that process. sometimes, hebrew is so hard that i can’t understand it…and that makes me laugh.
  • there are certain people who can send me text messages that make me laugh out loud, no matter where i am or how inappropriate it might be to laugh. those people include maria williams and misti bailey.  sometimes those text messages have to do with some incredible book chapters we’re writing.
  • i’m thankful that most of the time i spend with mary splawn includes laughter. sometimes at the funny things we say, and sometimes at the funny things we do…like dropping the water hose today and it spraying all over us, only for me to run and turn it off and slide across the cement in the driveway and almost bust my tail. it was a good laugh.
  • ben-bear, the boy of the twins i keep, makes me laugh every time he gets tickled with himself when he poops out of his outfit. this happens more than you can imagine…but he loves the attention of getting changed.
  • webb splawn also makes me laugh. when he dances, with his sunglasses, at night. or dances in general. or says, “all done!” or moos like a cow. or gets really tickled at something simple like repeatedly closing and opening a cabinet door. smiling really is contagious.
  • it doesn’t matter how many times i’ve seen this episode, every time i watch mouth, skills, and nathan dance on one tree hill …it makes me laugh. basically, the entire episode.
  • boy meets world episodes, especially the one where they’re in college and play pranks on one another, and eric comes to their reunion as “plays with squirrels” (formerly known as eric matthews), have a similar effect on me. priceless.
  • there are certain things and phrases that always make me laugh. when an NGUer adds “your mom” to the end of any sentence. when re-living GTM and BLT with friends from my philly staff.
  • i’m also really good at laughing at myself, for any number of ridiculous things i might say, including “r-related,” and a “real bookshelf,” among others.
  • april adam’s april fool’s day blog…that was more than a laugh out loud. too bad i was sitting in a classroom at beeson when i read it. good stuff.
  • i also love really good corny jokes, the kind that come on popsicle sticks.

so what makes you laugh?  i’m going to keep this list, because some days–i just need a good laugh…even when i don’t feel like i have it in me.


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