things that are hard.

there are some things that i just don’t like, that are hard. here are a few:

greek: it’s not that i don’t like foreign languages, and it’s not that i don’t necessarily like or dislike greek….i just think it’s really, really, REALLY complicated sometimes when it doesn’t need to be. i don’t know what’s wrong with me and why hebrew seems easier, in some ways.

unloading the dishwasher: i’d rather wash all the dishes by hand than put them in the dishwasher and unload them. it’s such a tedious task sometimes…and i like seeing the effect that my hands have on scrubbing those dirty and grimy dishes.

speaking clearly and slowly: maybe it’s the north carolina. maybe it’s the fast talker in me. sometimes my words just get tangled, and i feel like i need to take a breath and speak much more slowly.

finishing my food the same time as everyone else: i’m notorious for eating really, really, really slow. like, it’s kind of embarrassing when i’m at dinner and people are getting their checks and i still have half of my sandwich left, and while i have all intentions of finishing my meal, the waitress seems to think i’m done and need a box.

not wearing my heart on my sleeve: once upon a time, i thought that you couldn’t see what i was thinking written all over my face. i thought that i was really good at keeping my feelings hidden and intact. apparently…i’m not. i wish i could disguise when i feel like something’s awkward, or sad, or frustrating.

not putting my foot in my mouth: over the years, i’ve learned that you should think before you speak…otherwise, awkward things will happen.

not worrying: enough said on this one.

praying difficult prayers: i’ve been learning about prayer this semester. it’s been good, but it’s also been difficult…and above all, sometimes it’s really hard to pray for the Lord to work in your life and mold you (especially when that means pain along the way).

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