new mercies.

my birthday was fantastic, in case you wondered. and i’ve had some pretty fantastic birthdays, if i do say so myself.

  • 21: celebrated by being inaugurated into the bcm presidency tradition of eating roly poly with the outgoing president, made apple crisp for my birthday twin michael tucker, went to dinner with the [future] ellises and tuckers, and…got in a car to go to charlotte and fly to boston. and i didn’t die on the plane, which was a real plus. and i didn’t get detained for acting way out of it [although, thanks to ativan and lack of sleep, i was waaaay out of it.]
  • 22: celebrated by flying. again. really? this time over the atlantic ocean to europe. jaime sellars and i got to know each other over the second-longest airplane flight of my life, and i ate mcdonalds in germany for free, since the mcdonalds in munich never charged my credit card.
  • 23: celebrated by going to church and lunch at a mexican restaurant with my birmingham friends, and got to hold baby webb, and got a birthday balloon from the hootens, and went to yomo with betsy, lauren, and jed.

in a lot of ways, my 24th birthday wasn’t anything unusual or spectacular or “a big deal”–and that’s how i like things. easy, and quiet, and simple.  i hung out with the twins and then had a really fun meeting with mary and then spent some “for fun” time in the preschool before i went and had dinner with my birmingham family and got some really cool presents, including hearing my favorite one-year old say my name.  [it’s going to be a long summer being away in charleston.]

  • can i just make a sidenote and say how incredibly blessed i am to have family in this city?! and, in lots of ways, to see a family as its meant to function. i just didn’t grow up in a normal household, i guess, so it’s refreshing and kind of new to see parents and a child who live under the same roof and love each other and worship together.  and it’s cool that they let me be a part of it, and that their presence in my life has been soooo formative.

then jed joined us for cake….mmm! funfetti cake is the best, especially when mary splawn makes it, and when you haven’t really had cake for a long time.  even if they did sing happy birthday and make me blow out candles…twenty-four is a lot of candles. and then we watched red, which was great! [good pick, wayne]

i got home to check my mail and got LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of wonderful cards and letters and things [besides that gross letter from the us postal service…eeeek!] and lots of birthday wishes on tuesday from beeson friends.

then, on sunday night i had mexican with some more of my favorite people in the world…and the most unique rendition of “happy birthday” that i’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing…and cupcakes! mmm…meredith cale is ammmmazing, just in case you didn’t know already.

so, i’m twenty-four. which is one year away from twenty-five. i’m a decade older than bailey. and based on the last week of my life, if bailey were to ask me, “how does that make you feel?” at this moment, i’d have to say…

i feel just fine. and really thankful for life and friends and family and memories here.

the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end: they are new every morning     [lamentations 3:22-23]

also, in other news, i also rejoice that Clemson is playing UAB in their attempt to try and get into the tourney. i’ve always wanted an excuse to cheer for UAB.

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