well, hello there twenty-three. we’ve spent 364 days together.  and we’ve had a lot of fun.

i met you on a sunday in march. it was a cold sunday, kind of like today, but sunny and beautiful.  we went to lunch after church with my friends and birmingham family, and i even got a birthday balloon from the hooten crew.  then we went to yogurt mountain and ate our yogurt in the car, because junior high kids had taken over yomo. it was a good day.

in the past 364 days, we’ve had some good times. here are a few:

  • living in alabama when my Gamecocks defeated the Crimson Tide
  • seeing needtobreathe twice in one year
  • experiencing the joy of the Coastal Center every Friday last summer
  • new babies being born, and growing, and learning
  • spending New Years Eve with the Posters, the Stewarts, AND Misti Bailey
  • getting iced in with Betsy in January
  • joining MBBC
  • falling in love with living in birmingham, and really being HERE

and, as usual, we’ve also had some funny, awkward, embarrassing, moments-that-make-you-spit-milk-out-of-your-nose times:

  • when Chuck said uterus nineteen times during his sermon
  • when Carol and I watched the fried chicken video over and over
  • when misti bailey and i wrote a book (or, at least, used our life experiences to compile chapters of a book)
  • when emily and i decided to become youtube evangelists

and, some good discoveries as well:

  • amazon mp3s
  • john mark mcmillan’s the medicine
  • the bed intruder youtube video
  • the paul mitchell school in hoover, because their haircuts are inexpensive and ammmazing
  • couponing at publix and the website
  • learning hebrew
  • isaiah, jeremiah, ephesians, and colossians
  • the heidelburg catechism
  • and
  • harry potter and the deathly hallows, part one, at midnight with beeson friends

twenty-three…you’ve been a good year. i have pretty high hopes that twenty-four won’t disappoint either.

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