happy 23rd to the optimist.

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misti bailey is twenty-three today. some people might think that’s old. i felt really old when i turned twenty three, and will feel even older when i turn twenty-four…but i think misti bailey is really excited about it, because she’s the eternal optimist, and i’m well…not. she’s the yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly, the cheese to my macaroni.  and in other senses…we’re exactly the same.  here’s a tribute to our friendship….happy birthday, dear friend.

and, what would be a good birthday blog without some wonderful remember when’s? so…

remember when we counted all the dunkin donuts in the greater boston metropolis and sang “boston” by augustanta in the T station?

remember when we had those same weird, freaky dreams? eeeeek.

remember when we had cheesesteaks and talked about love and life and happiness at paul’s?

remember all those times we stuck our foots in our mouths together?

remember when we almost died in the tornado at white oak?

remember when we worked camp with all the same people?

remember that time i always spelled connection as in kids connexion?

remember our awkward reunion hugs?

remember that time we wrote a book…or at least chapters of a book?

remember all those times i almost peed on myself because i was laughing so hard at our antics?

remember that time we were bunkmates and didn’t know each other?

remember that time we found out we were co-workers?

remember ALL those conversations we had on skype that can never be shared in a public setting?


i’m so thankful for the Lord’s providence and sovereignty, and that part of his plan for my life was being friends with misti bailey.

One response to “happy 23rd to the optimist.

  1. AMY JACKSON! Those are all such good times. And I look forward to many many many more with you. LOVE YOU!!! THANKS! 🙂

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