the top ten [revised] birthday wishes.

so i posted a blog like this last year, and it was semi-successful. by that, i mean that i ended up receiving a lot of the things i asked for…and some of them were some oddities! my friend misti bailey used this idea and wrote a list of twenty-three things she wants, because she’s going to be twenty-three. i’m going to be twenty-four, which is a year older (and wiser, right?!) but i’m not sure if i can think of twenty-four gifts i want for my birthday, christmas, and the rest of my lifetime combined. so, here’s the top ten.

[and, also, a disclaimer that this is just a fun list, and not an actual birthday list of things i’m demanding or even asking for anyone to buy me, haha!]

[drumroll, please…]

10. birthday cake.

i’m doing this “no sweets until Easter” thing. it’s not a Lent thing, it’s an “I’m crazy” thing. but anyway, the exception to the rule is that we can have birthday cake on significant birthdays. such as my own. now, i’m a sucker for a good piece of cheesecake, but since i kind of “cheated” and had a piece of that from bottega last weekend, i’m going to say that i want funfetti cake. because it’s my favorite kind of cake. and, like its name suggests, it’s fun.


9. university of south carolina football tickets for the fall

okay, this is “the dream” kind of wish, but wouldn’t it be awesome if i could go to a carolina game in williams brice this fall? i think it would, even if they broke my heart  [which, let’s face it, they probably would….]

8. matt hires’ “take us to the start” album

i heard him last year at sloss when i saw needtobreathe, and he was fan-stinking-tastic. usually i’m not a fan of opening acts–especially since you pay to see the main group…but i really, really, really enjoyed his song and frequently study while listening to his pandora station.


7. a new [used] bookcase.

carol keeps making fun of me and telling me that she’s going to buy me a new bookcase, but i really want a used one. i need a new one, for all of my books…but i want one that’s real (not as in not imaginary, but as in real solid wood and not particle board) so that i can paint it mustard yellow and put it in my room and finally have enough room for all of my books. i want something that has some character. hmm.


6. accordance for my macbook

it’s amazing. and wonderfully useful. and…expensive. it’s not that i can’t buy it…more like i can’t justify it.


5. a giftcard

it’s come to my attention that i need new camp shoes. basically, the camp shoes that i wore last summer were the ones from my first summer, in philadelphia. and the ones i wore at north greenville were so water-logged and mildewed from mega relay and the pyramid that i had to throw them away.


4. a subscription to christianity today or relevant magazine, or the birmingham news.

i admit–i’m bad with watching the news, and keeping up with the news, and staying somewhat relevant. maybe if i had a magazine or newspaper delivered to me, i wouldn’t look clueless in certain social situations or learn all of my news via facebook. it’s sad, but true.

3. a good nap.

so i’m in seminary, and i don’t get to take naps anymore. i love naps. i love sleeping and cuddling up under my blankets on a rainy sunday, with a movie in, and slowly dozing off. just talking about it makes me sleepy. so if you can somehow figure out how i can study–or study and take tests FOR me–and let me take a nap, that would be the best birthday present.


2. anything pretty or thoughtful or homemade, or all of the above.

some of the most meaningful gifts i’ve ever gotten were ones that were probably pretty inexpensive…a card dropped in the mail for me, that comes on just the right day when you need some encouragement and a laugh. a painting. a scarf.  i also love flowers, but not roses. i mean, in case you wondered and all.


1. tickets and [and company to go with me!] to see matt wertz in may at workplay.

because who doesn’t love a good concert at workplay? especially matt wertz. fantastic.

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