random facts for a Monday night.

  • my current favorite song is “i and love and you,” by the avett brothers. i love the line “one foot in and one foot back/but it don’t pay to live like that,” probably because that’s how i feel i live my life most days
  • i’ve been working at my new job for two months now and i absolutely love every second of it. i love the twins, and seeing them smile and (try to) giggle, and watching ben search for his thumb as he’s falling asleep, and living life and seeing children grow.
  • i’m getting excited about working camp in charleston this summer, and sad about leaving birmingham behind for three months.
  • more and more, i find that as i learn about the gospel more, i understand it less and see it mirrored less in my own life…and that so much of my own sin is based on my not understanding, not comprehending, and not accepting the gospel and Christ’s atonement in every area of my life.
  • i spent Valentines Day with my favorite family in the entire world. there’s nothing quite like time with mary, webb, wayne, and domino’s pizza with banana peppers 🙂
  • after this semester, i’ll be completely done with Greek. i’ll have two more Hebrew classes to go. basically, if i can get through this semester, i’ll feel like i can actually graduate from seminary…maybe.
  • someone pointed out to me last semester that i tell most people i’m from south carolina, but am really from north carolina. in the past few months, i’ve discovered that this person was correct–way too many people think i’m from south carolina because of this, but it’s just too hard to explain the “i grew up in NC but chose to move to SC for college” decision in alabama.
  • i’m going to new orleans for spring break and am stoked!
  • if i could wake up no earlier than 7:45am for the rest of my life, i think i would be content.
  • i’ve had some kind of stomach thing since Friday, and the only thing i’ve really desired to eat in the last two days has been guacamole. man, i feel sorry for whoever gets stuck marrying me and dealing with any weird food cravings i could have if i’m ever pregnant.
  • i’m kind of obsessed with the way snuggle fabric softener and dryer sheets smell.

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