this too shall pass.

today, i had to go to the crestline heights post office–again–in search of an elusive package which my mother sent me almost two weeks ago, which contains my contacts–and thus, ability to see–for the next year.  while i was waiting in line (waiting to hear the discouraging news that no, they in fact have no idea where my box is), i met an elderly lady. we chatted about the price of stamps, and groceries, and gas, and as i walked to the counter, she told me, “this too shall pass.”

today has been a hard day. i feel congested and tired and generally defeated. i start school tomorrow, and though i’m excited about having some routine back in my life, it’s hard to get energized about my eleventh semester of collegiate education.  i struggle to keep the commitments i make just days after i affirm them. and, last night i couldn’t find a sleeping position conducive to helping a nose that is congested one minute and running the next…that’s probably TMI, though.

the point–and i promise that i have one–is that these things too will pass. one day, i’ll feel better. one day, i’ll feel like conquering the world. one day, i’ll be done with school and have a job and maybe even a life.  one day, i won’t be so hypersensitive and anxious and stressed out over things which are terribly insignificant.

i won’t always love what i’ll never have

i won’t always live in my regrets

more than this, i’m thankful for the love and comfort of a Savior who never changes–who is constant, even on days filled with congestion and busy-ness and frustration and worry and anxiety and my consistent shortcomings.  some things are temporary, fading, fleeting…and are nothing in comparison to the Eternal.

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