• anything by matt nathanson, but especially the song “wedding dress” makes me think of my weekend in cincinnati over labor day two years ago with heather and lindsey. good times and good memories.
  • i really hate when things on Facebook change…probably because I hate change in general.
  • i forgot how much i really like oranges until i bought some the other day. they really are one of my favorite fruits, along with green bananas.
  • most of the foods i don’t like are based on texture reasons..especially foods that are gritty (like applesauce and…umm…grits).
  • i know almost every word to the first two needtobreathe albums…partially because they have been listened to a LOT on my itunes, but also because, on the way to and from birmingham last may, marcus and i listened to them repeatedly. for twelve hours.
  • i’m re-reading pride and prejudice, and i really think jane austen was right on cue with the male/female issues she brought up in the text. way to be a forward thinker, jane.
  • i always intend on taking more pictures than i do.
  • i have a ridiculous memory, but sometimes i forget stupid things. like to take my keys out of my ignition before locking my doors and pumping gas in heflin, alabama.
  • i love south carolina because it’s south carolina. i love columbia because of the gamecocks. i love philadelphia because of the memories there and my family of twenty-three. and i love boston simply because it’s boston. i love the city just the way it is–bitter cold and all.
  • i have a love affair with the emmet o’neal library. we spend a lot of long hours together…which are made more pleasant by being able to look at mountain brook and the scent of books. and people watching.
  • before i take tests, i get stressed out when i hear other people talking about things i don’t know, so i listen to music…in particular, linkin park. true story.
  • i’m really good and worrying about and overthinking things–and usually the things i worry about and overthink the most aren’t even that significant.
  • i have eaten a lot of crow in my life…that is to say, i’ve said a lot of “i’ll never…” statements, and i’ve had to take them back. i said i hated college basketball when i was in high school…and somehow i fell in love with college football and basketball while at usc. i said i would NEVER buy an apple computer, and i’m typing this on my white macbook.  i said i would never fly on a plane–well, i’ve been to boston, cincinnati, poland, and philadelphia via aircraft carriers.  i said the show one tree hill was stupid–and while it is probably stupid, now i own two seasons of it and am waiting for three and four to go on sale so i can purchase them as well.  i also bought a taylor swift CD…i used to turn the radio out of habit every time one of her songs was played. and, in the case of most of the people i care about, it wasn’t close friendship at first sight…but over the days, months, and even years, i’ve grown to appreciate the things that first drove me crazy about them 🙂
  • i’m almost finished reading the book of isaiah, and i’m a little sad to be so close to done–there’s so much good stuff in there and wonderful theology and statements about God’s redemptive plan for his people.
  • the further i go in my education, the less sure i am about my overall vision or goal…which gives me more flexibility, but sometimes less motivation.
  • i always wish i could hide what i’m thinking, but anyone who knows me halfway decently can look at me and tell what’s going through my head according to the expression on my face.  i wish i was better at hiding my feelings, hah!
  • routine, structure, and consistency bring joy to my life…but sometimes you have to take a chance, change things up, and make a fun last-minute impulsive decision…only every now and then, though.
  • i went to six or seven stores before i finally gave in and admitted that all had discontinued my particular brand of laundry detergent. it was a sad day.
  • i wish it could be fall year-round. although the stress of college football constantly would probably give me some health problems…but then seeing beautiful leaves might relax that stress a little…maybe.

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