all my secrets.

i’m sick of all the insincere–

so i’m gonna give all my secrets away.

we all have secrets–who we love, who we dislike, what we regret, what we long for…tonight, i was thinking about some of my dreams, and some of the secrets i’d like to give away. so here they are for the taking:

  1. i wish i was better at reading people. maybe it’s being a girl, and maybe it’s being over-emotional, and maybe it’s the analytical nature of my mind…but i am absolutely terrible at reading people.
  2. after fighting with myself and debating and questioning, i’ve decided that i really want to get married and have kids one day. not tomorrow, probably not next year, but one day.
  3. despite what misti bailey says pertaining to #2, i would make a terrible preacher’s wife. in case you were wondering.
  4. i’m secretly a huge nerd and got really excited when i found joel green’s dictionary of jesus and the gospels among my packages in NC.
  5. i love my hometown, but i could never live there. i love south carolina, but columbia’s not really home anymore. i guess what i’m saying is that i’m not really sure where i’ll end up, exactly.
  6. sometimes i have to talk aloud as i write a paper. it helps me structure my thoughts and sentences.
  7. despite what lindsay evancho says about side bangs bringing all of our issues to a forefront…i really like having sidebangs.
  8. i’m kind of ashamed that i bought the new taylor swift album a few weeks ago. in my defense, it was only $3.99 on amazon that week.
  9. sometimes i wish i liked Gamecock football less. they steal, and then break, my heart. (in the past, they’ve also stolen, and broken into, other things…but i’d like to forget that).
  10. i spend too much time on dumb websites–postsecret, dear blank please blank, youtube, facebook….ehh.
  11. i want to be independent, and self-sufficient one day, and have a house and family to open up to others, the way the splawns have opened up their home and family to me.
  12. if i never ever had to drive again, i would be okay with that.
  13. as i learn more about theology and Scripture, i find myself wrestling with it and holding a lot of things in tension. both good things for me.
  14. i really think Peach Nehi and Cheerwine taste better out of a bottle, especially if that bottle came from Washburn General Store.
  15. in my head, i have the perfect life planned out for me–and most of the time, what God has given has been different…and better.  for that, i am so grateful.

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