sometimes i feel like i’m tiptoeing around life.  living carefully, and deliberately, and with purpose–which are all good things…

but do you ever feel like you’re tiptoeing around the biggest issue? around a person? around your dreams? around your feelings? around what you want in life? and if you could say what you really wanted–and more so, NEEDED, to say…

well, you wouldn’t be tiptoeing anymore. that’s for sure. we humans do a delicate trot and dance around the issues, careful not to smudge the mirror, crack the glass, forget to cross the T…

but life is messy. and complicated. and hard…and a beautiful mess, all at the same time.

so, just for a moment, let me stop tiptoeing and say:

can you see my hands are open

i’m waiting just ahead

and you think you need it all now,

but you needed me instead.


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