pieces of me.

i’m a self-admitted hoarder. i’m not the kind of hoarder you would EVER find on one of those shows about people who can’t live in their houses because of their problem, mostly because i’m also obsessively neat.  but, there are certain things i like to keep.  this summer, i got the bright idea to go through those paper mementoes and pictures and tickets and cards and organize, and make some posterboards. so i did.

i think you can tell a lot about a person from what they keep and collect–from what’s important to them. so, here goes:

i have three posterboards over my computer. i was artsy and craftsy and covered them in some clearance fabric from wal-mart.  my posterboards include:

pictures of jane eating beezers and marcus making an odd face, both sent by april

a notecard of the “impossible” prayers i prayed over the summer i spent in philadelphia—which God answered in some pretty huge ways

a picture with lauren dean and my hoppy birthday balloon from my birthday at the brook this year

a mbbc college ministry postcard

a picture of aaliyah and isaiah from trailer park…i miss those kiddos a lot

a card from a fellow church member welcoming me to mbbc

a picture of the sc state house with the gamecock flying in the columbia skies

a card from emily hooten

a picture with mary from the south carolina/alabama game last year

a card and poem from my dear friend misti bailey, the optimist

a pep-up note i wrote to myself after coming back to Birmingham in january

a TOMS sticker

a card from Tim Stewart, from back in my bcm presidency days

a save the date for Krystal’s wedding

a note from my secret santa, also known as the raptor, from charleston.

when you think about it, it’s really a random assortment of stuff. sometimes a shower invitation or giftcard or coupon is added, and sometimes things are taken down to make room for other things. in the end, it’s a good reminder for me, that life is much greater and bigger than this very moment, or this very city…that there’s more to life than school and education and the mid-20s weird single years…that there are people who are beside you, and moments that are ordinary and yet timeless. God is gracious and truly a Giver.

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