there’s two parts to my soul.

the first part of me, of who i am, longs to travel and see the world and LIVE. to work in a metropolis and live in a teeny tiny high rise and use public transportation daily.  to learn new languages and meet new people and live life all over.

and then…there’s the other part of me. the part of me that fits western north carolina the way an old worn sock fits your cold feet in winter. sometimes it’s snug, and sometimes it’s suffocating…but in the best of times, it’s home.

home is…peach nehi from washburn store, mountains in the distance, my mom’s cooking and game nights, covered dish dinners at my home church, mi pueblito’s guacamole and sweet tea, walking down main street in boiling springs…

i think eventually, after i graduate in nineteen hundred years, i’ll get my MSW. and it’ll probably be in western north carolina. as much as boston is in my head….north carolina is my heart…at least for now.

to think i might not see those eyes makes it so hard not to cry

and as we say our long goodbye, i nearly do.

light up, light up, as if you have a choice

even if you cannot hear my voice

i’ll be right beside you dear

light up, light up, and we’ll run for our lives

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