…You make beautiful things…

You make beautiful things out of the dust.

i fully intended on writing tonight. at first, i thought about writing about camp…but i’m still processing camp, and life after camp.

and then, i thought about writing about life…and how much i dread starting school, again. for three more years. again.

and then…i turned on this song, and i went to my church’s reading plan blog…and got a bit of new perspective:

God makes beautiful things out of the dust…and sometimes that includes us and our attitudes.  I’m the first to say that I am NOT excited about three more years of school (especially more Greek and Hebrew), and that I DON’T want to pursue academia like most of my seminary friends.

But…I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God brought me to Birmingham, and even to Mountain Brook. That His hand was in all of “this”–the good, the bad, the difficult–and last semester was more than evidence which showed that THIS is what He wants for me…like it or not.

So my resolution is that I’m going to be there…like it. I’m going to be 100% in Birmingham. And in ministry. And work. And in church. And with friends. And fall in love with my city.

Because five years ago, moving to Columbia made no sense. I wasn’t excited about leaving home and my best friends. And my first year in Columbia was…hard.

It was full of tears and sickness and sadness and hurt and depression and…loneliness (some of which I ‘re-experienced’ in Birmingham this spring….)

And yet as I look at the last four years in Columbia…it seems that God indeed made beautiful things out of the ‘dust’ in that city:

God has always made…or is making…beautiful things out of the dust of my life. out of my negative attitudes and unwillingness, He makes all things new.

…when you’ve seen God in enough of your yesterdays, you learn that you can trust Him with today and tomorrow.


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