have you ever had a day that redeems all other days? that gives you hope in the world–and in life, and love, and happiness?  i had that kind of day on saturday.

you see, on saturday, my very dear friend ellen stewart became ellen stewart fails.  and i got to play a very small part in her very big day.  and to think that, had i not served with her in kid’s connexion, i may have never met her…and that’s a depressing thought!

God’s providence overshadows our failures and insecurities.  God’s plan is at work even when we feel as if there is no hope. God’s timing reigns above our own selfish and small thoughts, opinions, and desires.  at the end of the day, the Lord’s will prevails.  thank goodness.

four years ago, i thought i’d be married, with two point five kids, a house, a dog, and a picket fence. i dance on that dance floor as a single girl, who has no earthly idea where her life is going. and tonight, i’m all right with that.

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