all i have is dust in my pockets, and you in the end.

in 18 days, i’ll be back in the foothills of western north carolina.

in 27 days, i’ll be back in south carolina.

i’m going to miss birmingham a lot. and my birmingham family–a LOT. and seeing babies grow.

but, i’m excited about seeing friends, and family, and mountains, and the horseshoe…especially the horseshoe.

while in south carolina, i intend to:

  1. sit on the horseshoe as long as feasibly possible in the may heat
  2. eat at beezer’s. probably more than once.
  3. go see my senior thesis in the library, because i’m almost published, which is kind of weird.
  4. see the river.
  5. take lots of pictures of things i miss.
  6. have casa linda, the sketchy one on beltline, with my old roomie.
  7. stand beside williams brice.
  8. see jane’s new, re-modeled kitchen.
  9. make new favorite quotes with misti bailey. probably inappropriate ones.
  10. have a bo-berry biscuit from bojangles.
  11. have water ice from rita’s at some point during the summer.
  12. take gameday pictures with ellen stewart in her wedding.
  13. hang out with the tuckers before they start that whole “med-school” thing.
  14. go to northeast columbia and see the trailer park, and probably try not to cry.
  15. celebrate marcus’s next year being intern!
  16. serve all summer in charleston with an amazing staff.
  17. enjoy every second i can in gamecock country.
  18. buy a new carolina t-shirt. or twelve.
  19. take ridiculous pictures with misti bailey.
  20. visit the stewart family.

it’s a short list. i’m sure i’ll do much more than is on the list. but–just the list shows that the next three months are going to be incredible, and well worth the sixteen days of finishing papers, studying, stressing, taking exams, packing, and driving six hours. well worth the wait 🙂

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