i simply remember my favorite things.

i don’t have a lot. i’m a grad student–which means that, by defintion, i’m poor. the only pieces of “new” furniture in my whole bedroom are a small table and a bookcase, both purchased for under twenty bucks when i moved to alabama.  the rest of it is second–or third–hand: bed, dresser, nightstand, blue corner bookcase…you get the picture.

i’ve decided that it’s not the furniture, or the comforter, or the bedspread, that really make my room, well…my room. it’s the personal things. the small touches.  the details.  so here are a few details, from me to you: good moments, good memories, and keepsakes that are far more important than having a nice hutch or a less squeaky bed.

this is a “caught ya” from leslie metcalf. i kept all of my “caught ya’s” from camp last summer [though i have a few notes from philly, including a few of those weekly encouragement notes from kara barefoot–who is NOT in macedonia right now] and made a collage.  this is one of my favorites–probably because my jokes that week were epic and ridiculously hilarious. i had to cope with the chaos.

my freshmen year, during BLT, we read tim elmore, and i remember good ole tim elmore talking about making a visual representation of your goals and dreams in life.  i made this the summer after my freshmen year and still have it. even though i’ve changed a lot, my dreams really haven’t. some i’ve accomplished–working camp, graduating college–while others are still out there, waiting…

randomness on my mirror–a bill graham track translated in polish, a flower from lindsey’s sister’s wedding, ribbon in memory of those in the ocean isle fire, an intangible from kara, and one of our scripture memory verses from my sophomore year.

“would you like a crush, if you don’t already have one?” oh thank you, tag green. good memories. also, i have a growing collection of postcards from california, thanks to the one and only maria williams.

i got this my sophomore year–randomly–from a professor.  i think it’s still my mantra–when things get difficult…i try to keep going.

one of those awesome notes from kara barefoot, and my vulcan admission ticket that time i went with the splawns and that boy marcus williamson.

my brother and i in front of my first car. and a menu from grandmother raspberry’s, seriously the best restaurant in krakow. i’ve dreamed about that place since we ate there–no joke!

one of my more memorable intangibles from my favorite, misti bailey.

my two favorite nametags: the first, from that time in philly when jen hardin gave me a new role…errmm…camp pastor. and then my wonderful happy birthday nametag from the brook on my day of birth!

two coffee cups from some of my favorite people, and a painting from my favorite SD suitemate.  we shared frustrations, “aaaaahh…” moments, girl stories, and of course hardcore candy–rainbow twizzlers, sour patch kids, and of course registration gummy worms.  good times with lindsay evancho 🙂

and then, finally…my fake flowers. they’re pink. i love them. and if you look carefully inside the vase, you will in fact see two REAL giraffes–at least, real according to big five safari standards.

after all, what do giraffes say? i don’t even know [in the words of lindsay herself…]

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