these hands are meant to hold.

some random thoughts late on a friday night:

  • if i ever get married [ha!], i’m going to have such difficulty choosing bridesmaids. it would be so hard that even considering the possibility makes my head hurt.
  • i’m so independent. i mean, i’m not–but i am. i’m not the girl who wants someone babying her when she’s sick, or opening the door for her…i mean, those things are good, but…i don’t need them. i know i’m 23 and that may seem kind of young–but i feel like i’ve lived a lot–and on my own–in those 23 years.
  • i think i could eat mexican food for the rest of my life–especially if it involved guacamole, sour cream, and good pico de gallo.
  • i’m currently obsessed with pandora. my favorite stations at the moment: sandra mccracken, augustana, and hanson. judge on, judgers, judge on.
  • i miss security and knowing what to expect all the time.
  • but on the other hand, i guess i’m thankful for adventures as well. as long as they are GOOD adventures…
  • i read terrible reviews on the nikon coolpix l20, but i love it and think it is an amazing camera–even if i had to order it not knowing what to expect.
  • i miss south carolina more than i can express, and more than i ever thought i could.
  • on the same note, i long, long, long to be in the northeast. in a big city. underneath the bright lights and taking public transportation and living and ministering.
  • on the other hand, i’m also remembering that i’m here, in seminary, for a purpose.
  • also, i’m learning greek. finally.
  • also, i love my red, blue, and yellow quilt. and my bear. and my quilla. and that it’s bedtime.

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