a [belated] happy birthday top-ten list, for the one & only misti bailey.

misti turned 22 last week. she’s gettin’ old…just like me. so, in late celebration of her and our friendship, from me to you…here are the top ten reasons i’m friends with misti bailey.

10. because that’s how God works out things.

you just can’t share a bunk with a stranger at BCM fall retreat and not become friends. and, when that stranger becomes your co-worker a week later…you just can’t keep from bonding over rocking ridiculously cute babies. or changing dirty diapers. it’s not possible.

9. because she’s the optimist and i’m the pessimist.

sometimes in life, you need someone who’s hopelessly positive all the time. and to balance that, you need someone with an unhealthy dose of realism and sarcasm. i’m not saying who is who, but i am saying that it’s a healthy mixture between the two of us.

8. because the best kind of friends are the ones that make you laugh.

and by make you laugh, i mean make you laugh when you get a random text message that makes you guffaw and sound like an idiot six hours, one time zone, and 360 miles away.

7. because i’m convinced that misti bailey tells the best stories.

any highlight of my day begins with misti bailey saying, “okay, story time!” or, typing it into skype. because i know it’s going to be a good story–even if it is embarrassing. especially if it is embarrassing.

6. because i’m friends with people who can read.

and by can read, i mean people who do it for enjoyment, not because they have to…who find joy in words and the intricacies of storytelling. and the kind of people who borrow your books and make notes in them, so that every time you read them, you think of your friendship (i.e. the screwtape letters…and ‘my dear wormwood’).

5. because otherwise, i’d never know the yumminess of paul’s philadelphia eatery.

misti started going to paul’s with me during my senior year of college, during our many monday lunch meetings before council. i missed philadelphia food, she liked cheesesteak, and it was cheap…how can you beat that?!

4. because sometimes, you just need to have a friend that you can say anything to, and they won’t judge you.

for instance, “if that happens, i might pee myself.”  most normal people would say, “gross!” or walk away from me and deny that they know me. misti just told me to control myself and to make sure i didn’t do it in public.

3. because you need to have a friend who can enjoy an awkward moment [or twenty] with you.

case in point: the wingman experience, our whispered naptime conversation at passion, all of misti’s nepal/africa errr…bathroom stories, singing boston in the T station, pretending i was on the hogwarts train, all those dang boy stories and mishaps, and of course–all the times we put our feet in our mouths. i’m not going to list those, but they are special.

2. because the things we say at the end of our skype conversations–they really are the best.

por ejemplo:

“no. if i ever have to have kids naturally and people come to the hospital, i’ll probably throw something at them.”

“amy! stand up for yourself! tell them not to touch you. lol”

“ooo a blind track leader!  that wouldve been kickin.”
“you gotta work for your salvation, dear lol– one verse at a time “

“he’s asian. ryan is his american name. ry yong.”

1. because right now, even as she’s reading this, she’s proofreading it.

and that, blog world, is an example of a true friend.

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