the results of one amazing [birmingham] birthday.

i’m 23. and it was an incredibly amazing day–lunch & yomo with wonderful friends; lots of encouraging phone calls, texts, and facebook wall posts; getting to hold precious baby webb; and of course, some pretty neat gifts. thanks to some friends who read my blog, now i have most of the things i wished for (that were sensible, mind you!) for my birthday:

i now have TWO packages of golden oreos. i’m well on my way to a lifetime supply, though.

i have a promised pedi-egg from a friend who has an extra.  i’m excited about having a “foot cheese grater.”

while i didn’t get a trip, i’m going to get to go to columbia and to charleston this summer, and i’m pretty stoked about those visits!

and, while i didn’t get four inches of snow, it did snow last tuesday, and was really beautiful.

and, haylee ellis told me i could visit her puppy anytime i want.

my mom & brother are coming next weekend, so i get to go to the civil rights museum with them, and i’m super pumped!

my internet FINALLY started playing old one tree hill episodes on, on saturday, so there’s seven whole seasons of one tree hill at my fingertips!

and, i got my wish for some samford merchandise! and, sweatshirts are 30% off this week.

thanks for the gifts, giftcards, kind words, companionship, encouragement, support, friendship…and for all of you, being you. don’t let beyonce tell you otherwise, you truly are irreplacable.

oh, and thanks to the hootens for the hoppy birthday balloon!


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