twenty-three [blessed] years.

tomorrow’s my birthday, and it will mark my twenty-third year of living on this planet.  the last twenty-two have been pretty fantastic, if i do say so myself, for a couple of reasons:

  • i’ve had some of the most wonderful educational opportunities–without scholarships, i couldn’t have gotten such a great college education, at a wonderful school…and now i’m able to do the same in seminary.  even when school is difficult [which is all the time], i have to remember that this is truly a gift.
  • while it may be difficult to make and maintain community at this point in my life, i am so BLESSED by the number of friends i have, both near and far.  i use way too many cell phone minutes per month, and spend way too much time on skype, but i have some of the most amazing friends across the world–from alabama to the carolinas to california and even honduras!
  • i’ve had some AMAZING ministry opportunities–through high school youth group, BCM & trailer park ministry, and FUGE, which has allowed me to travel to some pretty neat places, including poland.
  • even when they drive me crazy, i have a wonderful family who’s willing to pack up and come see me, when i can’t go see them.
  • while i’ve been in birmingham so far, i’ve been able to make new friends, and hang out with old friends, and grow closer to some pretty amazing people.  i love my church and my job, even on days when the kids may drive me a [little] crazy.

the Lord has TRULY provided in my life–i’m in my second semester of grad school with NO loans or debts, and enough money in my savings account to cover an emergency, should one arise [let’s hope not!]. i work with amazing people, and go to school with great friends. i live in a beautiful part of town in a really nice apartment…and the people that i love? they’re only a phone call away. even if i’m sad about spending my first birthday away from the carolinas, i want to choose to believe that this birthday is a sunrise, and not a sunset, and that God has great things in store for me in my birmingham life.  greater things than i have ever experienced.

three months and i’m still breathing,
been a long road since those hands i left my tears in–
but i know it’s never really over, no…
three months and i’m still standing here
three months and i’m getting better
three months and i still am
three months and it’s still harder
three months i’ve been living here without you know
three months
three months and i’m still breathing
three months and i still remember it
three months and i wake up
three months and i’m still sober
picked all my weeds, but kept the flowers

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