the top ten of birthday wishes.

so my birthday is in nine days, and perhaps you are saying to yourself, “self…what would amy like for her birthday?”

well, this blog is the answer to that question.  of course, if you don’t live in alabama and i think you’re awesome, then i’d like nothing more than  birthday visit, especially since my spring break begins a week after my birthday.  but, if a roadtrip is a bit much…here are some other odd, random, and weird things that i’ve been wanting [i mean, besides world peace]:

10. a lifetime supply of golden oreos.

for twenty-two years of my life, i had to eat those gross chocolate oreos–or, just lick white frosting off them and throw away the cookie. imagine my joy when mary splawn had golden oreos for our usc/bama tailgate…and they were SO good. now i can finally say that i like oreos.

9. a pedi-egg.

at first, i thought they were weird. then, i thought they were dangerous. now, my feet are in ridiculous condition and in need of a pedicure…but, if i had a pedi-egg, i could do my own pedicures and save time, money, and a trip to the nail salon [at least, this is what i tell myself].

8. a pet

ever since george died in a tragic garbage disposal accident, i’ve haven’t been able to have a fish for mourning reasons. but it might be nice to have a fish now.

7. a trip

to nyc, philadelphia, boston, or the west coast. or all four.

6. another copy of searching for God knows what

because it’s my favorite Donald Miller book and for some reason, my Donald Miller books always go missing.

5. a year’s supply of guacamole from chipotle.

i’m completely serious about this.

4.  four inches of snow.

ditto #5.

3. tickets for and company to the birmingham civil rights museum.

because i’ve really been wanting to go, since i’m a historical nut–and ever since i read the watsons go to birmingham for battle of the books. oh, kissing a frozen mirror–i’ve never thought of it in the same way since. or playing with fire, for that matter.

2. any season of One Tree Hill.

because i’m catching up, and it’s a good show–especially when you don’t want to concentrate on your other tasks, and you just want to float away and not have to think about the television you are watching.

1. a [new] south carolina hoodie, or a samford hoodie or t-shirt.

because you can’t ever have too much gamecock merchandise…and because i only have a beeson t-shirt and i feel like i probably need to represent samford too.


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