“because He lives.”

since i can remember, one set of my grandparents have been–or well, were–musical. mawmaw nadette sang “o holy night” every year at church when i was a young child, and when i grew older, sometimes i would try to remember that version of my grandmother–and not the grandmother who was debilitated from the frustrating effects of parkinsons psp.

my grandfather, on the other hand, began singing a lot when i was in middle school–especially at these talent shows for senior citizens. he also played the banjo.  my mother and i have several copies of albums he has recorded, mostly hymns and the like.  one of the songs i remember him singing is “because He lives.”  and it happens to be a favorite:

because He lives, i can face tomorrow

because He lives, all fear is gone

because i know He holds the future

and life is worth the living just because He lives

right now, at this point in my life, 1st corinthians 15 is such an encouraging passage. i know most of us see corinthians as the book of love–and 1st corinthians 13 definitely is–but for me, 1st corinthians 15 is at the heart of christianity.

in verses 12-34, paul talks about the importance of the resurrection, and what it means that Christ was not only crucified but also raised again.  paul says that, if christ was not raised and that we hope in the dead–we are to be pitied among all men. wow..what strong language!  life is meaningless, as he sums up in verse 32.

here’s the thing: there is a resurrection. there is promise and joy, and hope.  there is a tomorrow. and life is not meaningless–rather, it is lived in light of the fact that the Lord, who became man and took on our sin, atoned for our misdeeds, was resurrected, and sits at the right hand of God Almighty. and at the end of the day, that’s a thought which helps give us some perspective when we’re frustrated about little decisions and things that are ultimately carnal.

truly, because He lives i can face tomorrow.


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