dropping the fishnet.

today i was reading–and by reading, i mean translating–mark 1:1-22 from greek to english.  terribly scintillating, i know.  sometimes my professors say that we don’t really “get” certain aspects, like emphases, because we are reading the english translation from the original writing.  well, i’m not sure if that was the case or not–but i do know that something really hit me today–the fact that when Jesus called andrew and simon, they immediately dropped their nets and followed.

sometimes–well, a lot of times, i have problems just dropping my net and following.  i hear the Lord [at least, i’m pretty sure i do…] and i sense his calling and his direction…and yet, i look back. i feel like lot’s wife.  i just can’t focus ahead–instead, i glance around and see what i have, and what i’m leaving behind to potentially follow him into unsure land. comfort. success. friends. assurance. reliability. identity. my dreams.

like needtobreathe sings, i just want to bring my burden and lay it down.

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