a comparison.

so i lived in north carolina for eighteen years.  and then i lived in columbia, south carolina for four years [and in philadelphia, across sc, and tigerville during the summers…] and now i live in birmingham, alabama [at least for right now].  so, i’d thought i’d enlighten my friends with a bit of a comparison among the three places.

claim to fame.

abraham lincoln was born in my hometown–well, in puzzle creek.  i’m right, and you’re wrong.

well, most of the things that columbia is famous for unfortunately involve the civil war [being burned by sherman] or the state house [mark sanford and that confederate flag].  maybe i should say infamous instead of famous.  but, columbia is also home to the university of south carolina, beezer’s, which wich, immaculate consumption, and williams brice. and these are all good things.

birmingham is famous because it’s in The Watsons Go to Birmingham. and i read that in the sixth grade in mrs. gordon’s class.  also, birmingham is an important city in the civil rights movement.  and also, i live in mountain brook, which is one of the wealthiest zipcodes in the southeast.


rutherford county–well, lake lure–is beautiful.  where i live, you can see the hills from far away.  the rest is pretty okay, but it’s nice in the fall.

columbia–if you like to see potholes, you’ll love to live there. the biggest plus is being able to see williams brice downtown.  there’s no fall, or winter, for that matter.  the horseshoe might be the most beautiful part of the entire city.

birmingham–lots of hills, and lots of tree. i like the hills, but my car doesn’t.

local cuisine.

people in ellenboro, north carolina [and most of western north carolina] love to eat livermush.  yes, it’s called livermush. don’t stick your nose up at it, until you try it.  mmm…a toasted livermush and cheese sandwich is the best way to start [or end] the day.

my favorite restaurant in columbia, south carolina [and there are a lot of favorites, mind you!] is probably rockaway’s.  the best burger in the world, period. in the best atmosphere.  it might look sketchy, but it is so good.

now, in birmingham, the alabama folk like to eat at this place called milo’s. it’s basically a local fast food place, and it might be the grossest place i’ve ever eaten. the first time i ate there, i thought to myself, “self, that wasn’t so terrible.”  and then…i felt miserable the next two days.  and they eat this sauce on it, and there’s no good way to describe the sauce…it’s like barbecue sauce gone terribly wrong.   my favorite place? jim n’ nicks. the cheesy biscuits say it all.

sport affiliations.

people in north carolina are crazy about ACC basketball, and they’re mostly unc fans.  however, it’s refreshing to be able to go back to a state that actually has a conference which has accomplished something during basketball season.  in football…well, we’re the ACC.

columbia, south carolina, is filled with a large number of clemson fans, though the gamecock faithful reign there. definitely a football city, though with the gamecock’s improving seasons, basketball is becoming steadily more popular.

alabama…well, let’s just not go there.

local attractions and things to do.

all of rutherford county’s attractions center around food–anytime i am home, i make sure to have hickory log, mi pueblito’s, and smith’s.  otherwise, the only fun thing to do is go to wal-mart.

columbia is home to a number of malls and shopping centers, and also a lot of great restaurants.  i’m not sure what life would be like there as a professional, since i spent all of my time there as a student, going to football/basketball games, free movies at russell house, working, and at the bcm center.

birmingham has a lot to do, and many neat neighborhoods, shopping areas, and restaurants–unfortunately, i’m a seminary student who spends most of her time writing papers that will surely be ripped apart, and reading books she doesn’t really understand.


they’re all three really different place. sometimes it’s nice to be home, in the middle of nowhere–but i’m pretty sure i couldn’t live in a small town forever.  i like birmingham, but i definitely miss south carolina [never thought i’d say that].  and as always…this is where i want to end up.

we’ll see.


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