simply ames.

so i was going to post a funny blog, but now i can’t think of anything that’s really funny to write.

so instead, i thought i’d tell you a little about me–which might end up being pretty funny in itself.   i’m a twenty-something seminary student, who is perpetually trying to move north and somehow keeps up ending in the south.

i love barbecue, my granny’s potato salad, hummus on some days, strawberry banana yogurt on others, and always orange juice.  i write, and i read, and i dream–a lot.  i’m more girly, and more emotional, than you think.

i like spring, but i love fall.  i like raspberry tea, but i love sweet tea.

i want to be faithful, compassionate, and a servant–and that’s what i’m working toward, slowly.

why ames?  that’s the nickname anna harper [before she was a tucker] first called me.  anytime anyone calls me that, it kind of feels like freshmen year and marble slab and cards and uncomplicated life…and so, it feels a little bit like home.

this blog is just going to be my thoughts, and feelings, and reflections. it’ll probably be funny most of the time, and sarcastic on occasion. i feel like i read and hear so many great things and ideas, and yet never have the chance to share them with others…so here we go!  

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